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MACRI is an Italian research brand, born from a passion for handmade, femininity and uniqueness.

The brand was born in 2009 in the Marche region with a creation of a small collection of accessories for the items of clothing. Given the positive response of the market, season after season, it has been evolving and expanding, enriching with new elements.

Today, MACRI is a collection of T-shirts, dresses, coats and accessories, made with great attention to the colors, materials, details, handmade embroidery and craftsmanship.

An array of unique pieces, sometimes even extravagant, is dedicated to a curious seductive woman who loves and is loved.

Our clothes are the result of a hard-working customization of "touches and retouchings" that makes them unique.

Our strength is attention to detail, service and on-time delivery of goods, also in case of small orders.

Keeping faith in our brand that more than anything else unites us, as its name comes from the initials of our names, we are certain that MACRI, like any form of artistic expression, will know to reach you straight in your personal emotions.

Martina & Cristina